[VIDEO] Hard Lesson: Substance and Friendship

Published by Dan SW


Straight Edge band Hard Lesson

Minneapolis-based straight edge band Hard Lesson have released a new music video, for the song Substance and Friendship. The video features footage from their basement show with Judgment Day. Check out the video below!
And here is a short blurb/mission statement about the band:

We spoke to bass player Broc about the video:

To keep the sound of youth crew alive, Hard Lesson decided to not focus on the image and more on the music and the spirit of straight edge. Minneapolis, MN has had a history of great hardcore, and that was also a legacy we didn’t want to let go to the wayside.

In the vein of great bands that have influenced us like Champion and Ten Yard Fight, we pride ourselves on keeping a high-energy sound to our music. We hope it will reach other like minded individuals and have the same effect it did on us.

Video shot in Minneapolis on May 17th, 2014. Substance and Friendship is off the self-titled Hard Lesson EP.