[VIDEO] Judgement x Day: Age of Innocence

Published by Dan SW

American Straight Edge band Judgement X Day

Levi Lehman and American Straight Edge band Judgement X Day

Southern California straight edge band Judgement X Day have released a brand new music video, for the song Age of Innocence. The song features a guest appearance by the vocalist of Texas band Messengers. Watch the video below.

Age of Innocence was written to address the issue of human trafficking, and we spoke to frontman Levy Lehman about the song and lyrics:

So this song “Age of innocence” is actually about Anti-human trafficking.

The focus of this particular song is to point out all the innocent victims who are forced into human trafficking. Rarely most of them get out. This song is about the few who escape. This song is to give hope to anyone stuck in sex slavery, human trafficking, letting them know there is some sort of hope and [there] are some people like myself who raise awareness towards “the age of innocence”.

The new Judgement X Day album The Altar is currently being mixed and is expected to be released in January of 2015. In announcing the new record via video, Lehman made the comment that the new album would, among a number of issues, talk about Lehman’s stance on abortion:

When I say I stand against abortion. I stand again ALL abortion doctors. I in no way condemn any woman for her choice. I despise the doctors who abort millions of innocent babies a year in the USA. My focus is not on the women, but my focus is on the doctors who talk these women into thinking killing off their babies is ok. I think there should be orphanages to where these women can give their babies instead of giving them to these abortion doctors.

Age of Innocence was filmed by Jorge Cuevas Jr and Levi Lehman, with editing by Lehman’s own Godfather X Films. Recording is by Erol Ulug at Bright Lights Studio. Release of the new Judgement X Day record The Altar will be handled by On The Attack Records and Lehman’s own Made In The USA Records.