[VIDEO] Judgement X Day: Existence

Published by Dan SW


Levi Lehman's Judgement Day

California straight edge band Judgement X Day has released a new music video, for the song Existence. It’s the first video release for the band since debuting earlier this year.

We spoke to vocalist Levi Lehman about the video:

We just released our first music video “Existence”.  Judgement Day includes members of Southern California hardcore bands such as, Isolation AD, Kid Armor, & Fragments. Please feel free to repost our video on all social media!

Filming was by Headxdown Films, Jordy Strange Photo, and Cody Sanders Photo. Production was by GodfatherxFilms and Made In The Usa Records 2013. You can listen to one other song by the band on the Judgement X Day Bandcamp page.