[VIDEO] Kidd Swift: Lonely Road

Published by Dan SW


Potomac Records recording artist Kidd Swift

Potomac Records recording artist Kidd Swift has just released a new music video, for the song Lonely Road. The video sees the talented lyricist opining on coming up, God, attempting suicide, and of course staying true. Lonely Road is the first single off of My Testimony, Swift’s Potomac Records debut set for release later this year.

We talked to Kidd Swift about the video:

This first music video is an opportunity to bring a visual aspect to my musical message, another layer of inspiration and positivity to those who might be struggling to find their way, their connection to a hope-filled life. So many of us relate to music when we’re at a low point along our timeline. My wish is for this video to pick someone up when they need it most and set them back down on a track to somewhere enlightening.

Filming and and editing is by Robbie Grantham and Scott Strickland of Angle Media.