[VIDEO] Lost In Hate: Do It Yourself (Faça você mesmo)

Published by Dan SW


Brazil straight edge band Lost In Hate

Brazilian straight edge band Lost In Hate have released a new video, for the song Do It Yourself (Faça você mesmo). Check out the video below.

Do It Yourself (Faça você mesmo) is the second music video for the song, following a studio video released in September. The updated video revolves around a the DIY straight edge hardcore scene in the Distrito Federal, and features a live performance from the band. The video also features a guest appearance from Gustavo Bertoni of Scalene, and is subtitled in Portuguese, Spanish, or English through YouTube’s Closed Captioning service.

Screenplay by Lost in Hate. Direction & Editing is by Peter Bedê, with videography by Leandro Viana and Thiago Soares. Executive Producers Fabio Alexandre and Fabrio Barrera, with production by Godzilla Filmes.
Sponsored by America Rock Club, DF Pride, Drepo da Chão Skate, and Grillo Audio.