[VIDEO] Mad Trapper release video for Know Fear

Published by Dan SW


Mad Trapper shot by Capture the Core

Brendan Hodge (center left) and Danny Surjanac (right) with Mad Trapper. Photo by Capture the Core

Danny Surjanac and Brendan Hodge of Mad Trapper are back to rip you a new one with their latest music video, for the song Know Fear. The band were the selected by the Converse Rubber Tracks program, and recorded the song courtesy of Converse at Noble Street Studios in Toronto. The new video features camera work by the band, and can be watched below. Warning: contains some disturbing images.

We spoke to vocalist Danny about the new video:

This song, ‘Know Fear’ is one of two tracks recorded at Noble Street Studios thanks to Converse Rubber Tracks. It’s a real ripper of a jam and the video is cool too; real headbang worthy stuff!

Know Fear was recorded by Alex Bonenfant and Trevor Anderson. Mastering was provided by by Dave Sheldon of Exes For Eyes.