[VIDEO] Murder Void: No Regrets

Published by Dan SW


Milano deathcore band Murder Void have just released an intense new music video, for the song Regret Nothing. This is the first release from their upcoming Regret Nothing EP, and the first video for the Italian band, formed in 2011.

We spoke to drummer Michele Riva about the video:

We are really proud to release this video. We did it all by ourselves, “DIY style” from the recording to the shooting.

In Milan, the city where we are born, the city we love, there is not a lot of people who thinks like us.. on Saturday night everywhere you look there is a kid smoking a joint, drunk people, drunk girls flirting with strangers… And this is the thing we hate most. This is what this song speaks about.

Seems incredible, but in the last 2 years we all lost our girlfriends (and a lot of friends) because of [alcohol]. This made us really angry and this is the product of 2 years of suffers. Regret Nothing. A song against the drug we hate most: Alcohol.

We are proud not only to be edge, not only to be clean: we are also proud to go on thinking with our minds, a rare thing here!