[VIDEO] Slapshot: Told You So

Published by Dan SW


Boston's Slapshot

Boston’s Slapshot have released a new music video, for the song Told You So, off their 2014 self-titled record. Check out the video below.

From the band:

We only had 4 hours to shoot the video and had very limited resources. [The] goal of the video was to create a raw, gritty, unique and in your face music video. It was directed by Ian McFarland of McFarland & Pecci who have directed music videos for acts such as Meshuggah, Killswitch Engage, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Fear Factory and many more.

We shot the video in 3 hrs on Canon 7D with a shoe string budget and had a blast doing so. The goal was simple, to make a music video that was raw, gritty and in your face. We wanted to make a punk rock and hardcore music video. Enjoy.

So many people aren’t even aware that we have a new record out, and hopefully the video helps a little bit.

Remarkable video for the time and budget. Good song too. The latest Slapshot record is out now through Brass City Boss Sounds.