[VIDEO] Social Norm: Tattoo Documentary

Published by Dan SW


Social Norm Tattoo Documentary flyer Straight edge photographer and filmmaker Cameron Nunez has launched a documentary project entitled Social Norm, about tattoo culture and the heavily tattooed. The documentary consists of interviews with a number of artists and collectors, and will featuring accompanying gallery exhibits and books. A preview trailer for the project can be viewed below.

From the project page:

My current undertaking is one dealing with tattoo culture and artists as well as collectors in the area of Jacksonville with hopes of expanding to other noted shops and personalities. Detailed interviews and portraits are taken of these people in order to try and paint a picture of them and their experiences within a culture that is changing and becoming increasingly less taboo and publicly accepted.

As someone just starting off I am hindered a bit on funds, gear and am teaching myself as I go. Its taken a lot of trial and error and with this project I have very high hopes and aspirations toward creating something that is respectable towards the talents and individuals featured.

As with every Kickstarter project, the project will not receive any funding if the minimum funding requirements are not met.The project is currently about 70% funded with just under three days remaining. Contributions can be made through the project page.