[VIDEO] Ultrademon feat. ShowYouSuck: Automatic

Published by Dan SW


Album cover of the Ultrademon album Seapunk

Whoever said that straight edge kids can’t come up with some messed up shit haven’t seen the new collaboration between seapunk artist Ultrademon and rapper ShowYouSuck. Maybe it’s the veganism starting to mess with their brains. Either way, their new video, entitled Automatic, is some bad ass work, currently making its debut through MTV’s The Hive.

We spoke to Ultrademon (real name Albert Redwine) in the run up to the release:

When I was 16 I stick and poked “Edge 4 Life” on my knuckles. To be honest I had my ups and downs after that point. I fell off the path for a long time. It’s been a long journey but now I’m even stronger and full on raw vegan, caffeine free, and in a committed loving relationship. Not just for my personal health and happiness, but for the planet.

Meeting Clinton (Showyousuck) was really rad, having this new solidarity in a city that is so toxic. To have the strength to not participate in the numbing of our minds and bodies takes a lot of courage. It’s an active representation of protest against the control global mechanisms that try and keep us quiet.

Automatic is the first video off the Japanese version of Ultrademon‘s new album Seapunk. The video was shot, directed, and dited by Todd Diederich and Ellie Perkins. Creative consultant was Zombelle.