[VIDEO] XRepresentX release video for Downfall

Published by Dan SW



Not to be outdone by the disturbing new Every Time I Die video, Seventh Dagger have released a new music video for Erie PA straightedge band XRepresentX. The video is for the song The Downfall.

We at Straightedge Worldwide do not condone violence against smokers, drinkers, or drug addicts, be they friends, family, or otherwise. For that reason, we were not going to post this video. However, we feel that it is important to voice our own opinion, lest the opposing view become the only one heard.

To put it succinctly, that this is not what Straight Edge means to us.

We have separated ourselves from an image of violent militant thugs previously perpetuated by the mainstream media. Does this video undermine that work? Or do you feel that the art reflects the times we live in, and the reality faced by typical youth on a daily basis? Is it self-parody? Or maybe just for entertainment, like CM Punk? Or does this video have some other message that is being obscured?

We welcome your comment.