Wisdom in Chains release video for Chasing the Dragon

Published by Dan SW


PA covert straightedge band Wisdom in Chains have released a new video:

Chasing The Dragon” is the second video from the new [sic] Wisdom In Chains album “Everything You Know“. This video is produced & directed by Universal Warning Records, filmed by Tim Martinkovitch and [edited] By Mike Varga.

In collaboration with Stereokiller.com we’re offering a free download of the previously unreleased track “Twilight Zone” (Golden Earring cover). All download details are at the end of this new video.”Everything You Know” was released in the USA on November 3rd 2009 and on November 16th 2009 in Europe on I Scream Records (2009).

All of the footage was shot between January 2011 & June 2011 at six different venues, across three states and including PA venues: The MCL, The Polish Club, The Note, and Club Reverb.