Rest In Pieces Hoodie
Rest In Pieces Hoodie

Rest In Pieces Hoodie

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Not every shirt needs to say "HEY, I'M STRAIGHT EDGE" in giant letters. Sometimes it's nice to just have a shirt let's people know you've moved on from some pretty big challenges in your life, and now you're doing a lot better. Without invoking all of the hate that comes with the label.

And sometimes you just need a shirt featuring a pretty sweet skeleton climbing up out of his grave like 'Hey, now that I'm done with my past life, it's time to forgive myself and move on."

Art by Dan SW.

    About the hoodies:

    • Direct to Garment Printing
    • 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
    • Gildan Apparel
    • 14-oz super heavyweight fleece

    Printed in the US
    Custom made on order
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