[AUDIO] Ian Mackaye interviewed by Sean Crawford

Published by Dan SW


Earlier this month, Sean Crawford of New Trier High School got a chance to interview legendary punk rock icon Ian Mackaye. The interview was conducted on Crawford’s Three Cents Worth radio show as part of the WNTH Radiothon. Listen to the full interview below.

Crawford took the opportunity to solicit question ideas from the straight edge community prior to the interview via Reddit. Look for our question at 28:00. Topics covered include Bad Brains induction into the Rock N Roll Hall of Flame, whether he still goes to shows, growing up with Henry Rollins, G.L.O.S.S. and the ‘Fugazi Code’, ticket prices, whether he’ll be attending the presidential inauguration, and his favorite Fugazi record.

From the original announcement:

I’m 16 and I have a show on my school radio station. For our annual fundraiser to keep the station running, we have a Radiothon in which DJs find people of interest to interview, and listeners make donations to the station. This year I’ve locked down an interview with Minor Threat/Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye.

I actually already got a bit of a warning from him (in a nice way) about straight edge questions. The press rep at Dischord asked me what I would want to talk to Ian about, and I listed some things off the top of my head including the straight edge movement. When Ian himself got back to me, he said that he had been pretty clear about how he isn’t involved with the straight edge movement.

From YouTube:

On January 13th of 2017 I got a chance to sit down with punk icon and one of my personal idols, Ian MacKaye. Ian is the founder of Dischord records and played a monumental role in the DC hardcore scene through his various bands including Teen Idols, Minor Threat, and Fugazi.

This interview originally aired on the New Trier High School radio station, January 14th 2017 as part of the WNTH Radiothon.

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