[VIDEO] Interview: Vinny Panza of Youth of Today, Pure Apparel

Published by Dan SW


I had the opportunity to interview Vinny Panza at The Vegan Shop Up. It’s a monthly vegan pop up shop that takes place in the Pine Box Bar in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. He, alongside roller derby bad ass, gluten-free straight edge vegan cool girl Tara “PMA”, pushes their brand Pure Apparel. The line includes organic t-shirts with no graphics or catch phrases, just simple in-your-face ideals. I could also throw in there that Vinny has drummed for Bold and Shelter, and he is the current in-house drummer for Youth of Today.

Vinny Panza of Youth of Today, Pure Apparel

Sometimes I catch Straight Edge adults making comments like “I don’t get the correlation between edge and veganism.” I think those adults are out of touch but that’s okay! Hopefully they’ll find their way to this site and maybe walk away with a smile and eat an apple or something.  Sit back and enjoy Vinny discussing his journey with martial arts, veganism, claiming edge and Jerry Lee Lewis.