[VIDEO] Interview: ShowYouSuck

Published by Abbie Kingdon


showyousuck performing

Chicago can be a pretty heavy place. Downtown from what I understand is beautiful architecture, awesome bars, pizza shops, and a diverse crowd. Through out history, Chicago has also been known to be produce some great music along side New York City, Los Angeles, and Detroit during it’s Motown years.

If you go deeper into the sociology, economy and geography of Chicago, you’ll see a bit of a class division. It’s unfortunate, and it’s a whole topic in itself. Rising above this though is a champion of PMA and pizza. That’s right. ShowYouSuck is straight edge rapper (already an anomaly), who doesn’t agree with the militant straight edge lifestyle that runs rampant through out the Midwest. Not only is he setting an example in the rap community, but he’s letting you know you can claim edge and not be an asshole about it either.

I’ve seen his live show, and you can tell that his love for rap also meets a love for the live energy you would have found at a Bad Brains show in CBGB’s.

So sit back, order some pizza (preferably vegan) and watch us politick about claiming edge over some fine ass food.