[AUDIO] ACxDC in feud with local band

Published by Dan SW

California’s ACxDC has drawn the ire of a local powerviolence band following fundraising efforts to assist lead singer Sergio’s infant daughter acquire necessary heart surgery. The band in question, an outfit called Chainsaw Squid, have released a track entitled FUxCK ACxDC, which disparages ACxDC.

 ACxDC lead singer Sergio has released a statement addressing some of the charges relating to his daughter’s surgery. Another statement referring to the band Chainsaw Squid specifically has since been removed.

For the sake of clarity and [transparency] for all the people that take to the keyboard spreading rumors about me and my family. [Here’s] me addressing them openly.

My daughter had HEART SURGERY. Some high school kid is talking shit about me for posting pictures of vegan food (which I post because[I’m] vegan and like people to know that healthy tasty vegan food exists). I have friends in bands because [I’ve] been around for 13+ years. They played a series of benefit shows for me. Not 50+ like he mentioned.

A friend wrote an article in the LA weekly blog. Sean from cult nation wrote about it. Some people reposted it on their blogs. Some people came together and threw benefits for us. FOR THE MOST PART I THREW THE BENEFITS TOGETHER and [he’s] accusing me of making money off my daughters HEART SURGERY. [There’s] plenty of pictures of her on my instagram with a scar on her chest. With her with tubes in her. With her with a swollen puffed up face from the drugs. With her coming back home with her twin sister.

I TOOK OUT A FUCKING LOAN to start a business. So I could have money to pay for medical insurance and a car and a house and food for my daughters. DIY makes very very very little money. The fucking black castle (a venue we used for a the biggest benefit show) pocketed $1,500 dollars and gave us $800!

I made enough to cover the costs of the surgery and the stay at the ronald mcdonald house and the medicine I had to give her and the copays for all the visits. I made enough but JUST ENOUGH. If you think heart surgery is cheap in this country I [don’t] know where [you’re] living. I guess [you’re] living at [you’re]parents still pretending to be poor. I [don’t]pretend shit. [I’m] a working class guy. I [don’t] owe you anything. You can eat a bag of shit for all I care. but I [don’t]like people spreading rumors about me and especially my daughter.

The Chainsaw Squid track can be heard below:



In a weird twist, another local band called Sledding With Tigers has released a track entitled Sorry ACxDC, But I Recorded A Diss Track (For The Publicity You Guys). It is fantastic: