[AUDIO] Beg For Death: BFD Crew

Published by Dan SW


Beg For Death have returned to wreak havoc on the West Coast metal scene with the release of their newest record. The band, featuring vocalist Kenny Turner and guitar player Gus Villarroel, present BFD Crew, six unrelenting tracks of California deathcore in the vein of Elysia and Underneath the Gun. Listen to the new EP below.

We spoke to Kenny about the record:

We all listen listen to different types of music. But what keeps this band going is to create music we all enjoy with aspects of music we listen too. Our New EP BFD Crew is a reflection of that.

Ramon and I spent the bulk of the writing process in his room. We listen to lots of hardcore and beatdown and we wanted those elements to shine in this EP. But we still didn’t want to take away the intense sound of deathcore and I think we did a good job of mixing the two styles really well.

Lyrical wise, I just write about what upsets me, or anything I feel strongly about at the moment. They usually come out negative but what can I say, [I’m] 21 now and college is a bummer. I am really proud of the lyrics in Snide Sentiment, being a Straight Edge song, it is really important to me. Overall we are very happy with the way this EP came out and we will continue write for our next release, slowly but surely.

BFD Crew was recorded over the summer with Cody Fuentes. The EP is available now through the Beg For Death Bandcamp page.