[AUDIO] Choke x Chain: Debut EP

Published by Dan SW


Jacksonville straight edge band Choke x Chain have released their debut EP, and it’s killer. The EP features Devon McButtz of Tallahassee hardcore band Point Blank, and covers important subjects such as child soldiers, and the legendary tail-devouring snake Ouroboros. Listen to the record below.

On being the first female-fronted Florida straight edge band:

It has been brought to my attention we aren’t the first girl fronted band from Florida, there’s Gouge Away to name one. I actually saw them play this weekend and spoke to them about their band. They have straightedge members, and vegan members but don’t identify the band by that. We are the first girl fronted band from Jacksonville, and first girl fronted straightedge band from Florida. That being said, that shouldn’t be like taken as a gimmick. Someone’s race, sex, or sexual orientation shouldn’t define the band. The music speaks for itself.

The Choke x Chain debut EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bob Presson. The record is available now for download through