[AUDIO] ClearXPath announce break-up: Wolf Pack EP

Published by Dan SW


Netherlands straight edge band ClearXPath

Rotterdam straight edge band ClearXPath have announced their break-up.

From the band:

With pain in our hearts we decided to put an end to Clearxpath and all go our separate ways. We have had an amazing time while playing in the band, but as they say ”all good things will come to an end”. I’m sure you’ll see some of us in new projects or with Slopen is Kopen but for clearxpath the journey ends here.

We would like to give a final shoutout to everyone that ever helped us out in any way, visited a show, bought our merch or just shouted along with our lyrics and had a great time. You guys will always be in our hearts and you will be never forgotten.

ClearXPath was formed in 2011 and put out two releases, including an EP in 2014. Listen to the final EP Wolf Pack below: