[AUDIO] JasonxVoorhees release Horror Edge

Published by Dan SW


Horror Edge band JasonxVoorhees

San Diego horror edge band JasonxVoorhees have released what can only be described as a Friday the 13th-themed rock opera, but metalcore. The record, entitled Horror Edge, and released on Friday the 13th, celebrates the life and achievements of Jason Voorhees and his adventures at Camp Crystal Lake. The record features a guest appearance by xIRREVERSIBLEx, and cover art is by drummer Rikk Cavin. Listen to the new record below.

On the band:

Horror Edge is a good first step into a genre that has become oversaturated with anyone with a guitar, a distortion pedal, and the ability to keep an atypical rhythm pattern. These kids from San Diego utilize classic hardcore and metalcore sounds to give them a firm footing in what made this music great, while moments of musical genius promise a hint of what could come in the future.”
– Anthony Mauro

Horror Edge was recorded by Chris Hopkins at EARTHBOUND RECORDINGS. The record is available now to download, stream or on CD via the JasonxVoorhees Bandcamp page. Catch the band playing a CD release show tonight at the Kensington Club in San Diego.