[AUDIO] Born Lost release At The End Of A Storm Is A Golden Sky

Published by Dan SW

Born Lost

Alex (left) and Jake (centre) of Born Lost

Jake Collins and former xPASSAGEx guitar player Alex Veal have released a record with their new band Born Lost. The new record, the first full length from the Philadelphia band following 1990: Clarion, is entitled At The End Of A Storm Is A Golden Sky. The band plays experimental melodic hardcore, reminiscent of early Misery Signals but with a raw, loose feel. Listen to the new record below.

From the band:

Born Lost started as a two piece brainchild out of Philadelphia with the simple idea to pay homage to hardcore’s entire history, yet at the same time doing something with it that’s a little bit different.

Experimental in nature, yet at its core, still based within the same values that have coursed through the veins of the genre for its almost 40 year history, the band took the melodic hardcore approach to exploring beautiful melodies and tones and combining them with a hefty no-nonsense ideal to allow themselves to shamelessly take chances in everything they write.

But this process isn’t aimless or thoughtless. Throughout their 3 year existence, their previous releases have followed a concept of life and trying to define it, trying to find an ambiguous voice through storytelling and songwriting. That is no different and, in fact, pushed to new heights on their first full length album, “At The End Of A Storm Is A Golden Sky.”

From the opening beauty of the guitar that explodes into a blistering 80’s hardcore-inspired verse in the first track Sakura, to the familiar melodic hardcore sound of Through Time, and on into the crushing metallic hardcore of Foundation, ending with the spoken word-influenced Pray For Rain before the 6-and-a-half minute multi-faceted epic song Rain, this band is taking those chances and not messing around.

At The End Of A Storm Is A Golden Sky was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Murphy, with co-engineering by Jared Kalish. The record is currently available to download or stream through the Born Lost Bandcamp page.