[AUDIO] Meth Mouth: Life Vice

Published by Dan SW


In preparation for the new Meth Mouth record, today we are featuring the band’s 2016 record Life Vice. Based out of Syracuse, NY, Meth Mouth features Brandon DiFabio on vocals and Jordan Riesel on guitar. Life Vice was originally released in April 2016 through Irish Voodoo Records, and features a guest appearance by Sean Mott of GhostxShip. Listen to the record below.

We spoke to frontman Brandon DiFabio about the record:

Life Vice is our debut EP through Irish Voodoo Records. This has been in the making since day one, and has laid the framework for what we look to develop as a band.

Life Vice is available to download or stream through the Meth Mouth Bandcamp page. The record is available on CD through RevHQ in the US, Prawda in Switzerland, Coretex in Germany, and Retribution Network in Japan. New music from Meth Mouth is coming later this year.