[AUDIO] Moon Bandits: Property Damage: A Love Story

Published by Dan SW

Moon Bandits

Photo by Tanya Flores Hodgson

Los Angeles straight edge and vegan folk punkers Moon Bandits have released their latest record, a jangly collection of political anthems entitled Property Damage: A Love Story. The album’s genius is in it’s ability to call out all of the dick moves happening in the world today, in a way that makes you want to sing along – listen to the record below!

From the band:
Hope you are enjoying the new album and thanks to all of you who have pre ordered the vinyl. You will get cool extra stuff (not sure what yet, but it will be cool). We should have tapes and cd’s in time for tour.

The album is being released as a limited vinyl issue, with the first 50 sent out to include a sticker, a patch, and a linocut by string player Astrid. The band has also announced that they will be making the album download available for free to anyone that cannot afford the current download price. Vinyl and digital album downloads available now through