[AUDIO] Dead Split Egos: Between Nothing and Nowhere

Published by Dan SW

Dead Split Egos

Dead Split Egos featuring Nick Toppel (right)

Nick Toppel‘s Dead Split Egos have released a solid new EP, entitled Between Nothing and Nowhere. The record is a well-produced collection of intense hardcore, with lead-off track Locke an absolutely killer stand-out. Listen to the full record below.

We spoke to vocalist / guitar player Nick about the record:

We are very excited to be able to share six songs that we have been working very hard on for the greater portion of the past six months. These songs are very important to us and we hope that you get out of it what we put into it. The subject matter is a little different compared to Ink, since we thought it was necessary to touch on some important social issues this time around, but the core is still there as we have always been a political and personal band when it comes to subject matter.

Huge thanks to Nick Casasanto for Engineering and Producing and to Joe Scaletta of Word of Mouth Recordings for Mixing and Mastering the EP. We hope you enjoy these songs, thank you!

Between Nothing and Nowhere was engineered and produced by Nick Casasanto. Mixing and mastering is by Joe Scaletta of Word of Mouth Recordings. Album art is by Katie Schrapler. The record is available digitally through or on cassette tape through the band.