[AUDIO] Pool: Xma’ k’aaba’il

Published by Dan SW


 Deep in the heart of Mexico’s Yucatan province, the capital city Merida was built on the ruins of the Mayan city of Tho. Today, local band Pool are paying tribute to their lost culture, recording their latest album Xma’ k’aaba’il in the Mayan language. Listen to the new record below.

We spoke to Alfredo Bojórquez, drummer for Pool, about the release:

Although some of us are straight edge and vegan, we are pleased to note that, as a band, we are sober, we do not think that makes us better or something. We feel comfortable with that, its our way of life.

We have three albums so far. The newest one, Xma’ k’aaba’il, has a more solid sound, in this album we experimented with the mayan language, [which] is very alive in our culture but [doesn’t] get the attention and importance it deserves.

Xma’ k’aaba’il was recorded at New Direction Records  and is available now to download or stream through the Pool Bandcamp page.