[AUDIO] Praise release Leave It All Behind

Published by Dan SW

Maryland straight edge band Praise. Photo by Angela Owens

Photo by Angela Owens

Baltimore straight edge band Praise have released a new record, entitled Leave It All Behind. The band features Daniel Fang of Turnstile, Chris Bavaria from Mindset, and Anthony Dye of Nerve Endings. Listen to the new record below.

From React! Records:

Praise is not a religious band, Praise is a Straight Edge band. In the fall of 2007, I was staying with Andy in Baltimore and spent a night discussing life, hardcore, new bands, 7Seconds, and Straight Edge. Andy brought up that he had a couple of songs written for his previous band and sooner or later would like to use them for a new band. After discussing the ideas behind the music and lyrics I knew that Andy was going to create something special and we agreed that whenever it comes together REACT! would put it out. The interesting part about this story is that I was in town for a TFS show that Andy had set up, and not only was it the first time I saw Mindset, but also the first time Andy was introduced to Michael who would go on to help Andy bring Praise to life.

For almost two years Andy worked on finding the right line-up but time, distance, and life kept things from coming together. But finally in September of 2009 Praise was solidified with Michael Clarke and Colby Malone on guitar, Chris Bavaria on bass, Daniel Fang on drums and Andy Norton on vocals. In January 2010 the band, with their good friend Kevin Bernsten, entered the studio for the first time and created a hardcore record that is not only honest and inspiring, but is also a representation of the lasting friendship between Andy, Michael, Colby, Chris, Dan, and Aram.

Leave It All Behind was produced by Will Yip. The record is available now to download or stream through the React! Records Bandcamp page.