[AUDIO] Seekers of the Truth: Oldskull Revenge

Published by Dan SW


Lyon hardcore band Seekers of the Truth

Today we are featuring the latest record from hardcore band Seekers of the Truth. The band features Lyon vegan straight edge scene veterans Xavier on vocals and Sylvain on drums. Oldskull Revenge was released in October 2015 on Useless Pride Records, the label run by Olivier of Alea Jacta Est. The new record features guest appearances by Don Foose (The Spudmonsters, Foose) and Sara Edge. Listen to the record below.

Oldskull Revenge was recorded, engineered, and  mixed by Mick Kassapian at Warmaudio in Lyon, France between April 2014 and February 2015. Mastering is by Nicolas Declève at Digital Lab Mastering in Belgium. Production is by Seekers Of The Truth. Oldskull Revenge is available now to download or stream through the Seekers Of The Truth Bandcamp page.