[AUDIO] Standing Point: Work. Consume. Die.

Published by Dan SW


Sao Paulo political vegan / straight edge juggernaut Standing Point has released a formidable manifesto by the name of Work. Consume. Die. This is the second release for the band since their formation in 2011, following last year’s aptly named The Incendiary.

It would be surprising if the Sao Paulo band didn’t have something to say about life in Sao Paulo; even as this goes to press, protesters are on the streets of Sao Paulo battling against riot police as they demand access to education, and an overhaul of the state-run educational system.

We spoke to vocalist Alex Peguinelli about the situation:

Things are on fire here in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro! We stay struggling and resisting! Third World Vegan Straight Edge!

Work. Consume. Die. is available now through the Standing Point Bandcamp page.