[AUDIO] Strike Hard: Falling Victim

Published by Dan SW


Joe Meiklem and Joe Theriault of Strike Hard are back with a new single from their Connecticut band, entitled Falling Victim.

We talked to Joe Meiklem about the song:

What’s this song about?

This song is about falling victim to the pressures of possibly failing at the one thing you truly love. But at the end of the day you just gotta say fuck it and do what makes you happy and realize that no true success comes without failure.

What’s in the works for Strike Hard?

We are currently recording a full length record and a 7-inch with two cover songs that will be released before the full length comes out. Were working really hard on this record and hope that people dig what we are putting out.

Falling Victim was recorded by Jay Deluca at The Bears Den in Attleboro, MA and is the first single off the band’s upcoming full length record.