[AUDIO] They Feed At Night: Deprivation

Published by Dan SW



Rikk Cavin‘s San Diego horror punk outfit They Feed At Night have released their third album, a masterpiece of dirty throwback punk entitled Deprivation.

The band has spared no expense in recreating the classic sounds of early horror punk in style and tone, and thrown in some surf just for fun. Invite all your drama class friends over and put on your favorite Bauhaus / Misfits playlist, and people will be asking how you scored so many rarities from their early Gods. Your secret, a few cuts from Deprivation thrown in hither and thither, you can take to your beautiful grave.

We spoke to Rikk about the release:

Our music is definitely not for everyone; but it’s definitely us. A lot of bands like to do what’s safe and in style, we just play what we like. Recorded in a garage with some mics, a tape recorder and a broken bass drum, Deprivation is something that we are very proud of. Although it may never be on the radio or at a retail store, we’re glad we did it the way we did.

Truth be told, the song writing is actually pretty damn good. You be the judge: