[AUDIO] Tzeva X Adom: Friendship

Published by Dan SW


Vegan Straight Edge acoustic queercore Tzeva X Adom has released a new EP. The record, Friendship, features songs in both English and Hebrew, and includes a Gorilla Biscuits cover. Listen to the new record below:

From the artist:

A big and very special thanks to Eyali for drawing the artwork.

Other special thanks: Phyllis for writing most of the lyrics for Emojipoem, B.A.S.I.C for organizing (and playing) my first shows abroad, Dean and Barak for being TxCxFxS and anyone that I ever shared a show with, especially if it was the Punkoustics. You all had a part in bringing me to this first release.

Editor’s note:

Our feature of an artist from Israel is not meant to be a tacit approval of the concept or actions of Israel as a nation, but an acknowledgement that there is a separation between actions and opinions of a nation’s citizens and the policies of the ruling parties.