[AUDIO] Wickerwolves breaks up, release Tokyo Bones rough tracks

Published by Dan SW


Grey x Gordon‘s Wickerwolves have announced their break up, and released two unmixed songs from their upcoming final release. The band originally lost their vocalist in September and cancelled all commitments at that time, but promised to continue as a band with a new vocalist and bass player.

From the band:

So, we broke up, but we have an unmixed full length that we would really like to release. At the moment, we’re all too broke to shell out the cash to do it, so here are a couple unmixed tracks from it. If it were up to us, we’d still be a band, but losing your key member sort of puts a damper on that. So instead, enjoy these tracks and rest assured that you’ll be hearing a pretty good album from us at some point hopefully soon(ish).

Wickerwolves performed as the back-up band on Grey x Gordon‘s excellent 2014 release Forget I Brought It Up on Chris Hansen‘s No Sleep Records. Listen to the new songs below: