[AUDIO] Weathervein release Summer Daze

Published by Dan SW


Weathervein have released their third EP, Summer Daze. Formerly known as Absent Youth, Weathervein is a 5 piece alternative rock band based out of Dayton, Ohio. Listen to the new record below.

We spoke to guitar player and vocalist Geoff about the new record:

We’re Weathervein (formerly absent youth). We’re an alternative/emo band from Dayton, Ohio with all straight edge members. We’ve just released a new record today …!

Summer Daze is an odd blend of upbeat, happier melodies mixed with honest and meaningful lyrics. When you’re growing up, the summer is the time in life that you’re able to have a sense of freedom, re-invent who you are and have hope for what comes next in life. As an adult, it’s tougher to adjust to that feeling has less and less impact as the years pass. Summer Daze weaves between songs of love, loss and recovery.

Hope you enjoy. We’re super proud of this one.

Geoffrey / WV

Summer Daze is available now to download or stream through the Weathervein Bandcamp page. The record can also be found on Spotify and Apple Music.