Cohezion: Diztorted Vision

Published by Dan SW


Beatdown band Cohezion have released a new EP. The EP is entitled 'Diztorted Vision', and it goes hard. Listen to the new record below.

We spoke with guitarist Peter Ellman (formerly of XVX band Street Justice) about the record:

For our second EP we definitely found our groove in everything from musical chemistry to [dialed-in] tones. We’ve been incredibly lucky to play so many awesome shows in our first year as a band, including Scoped Exposure fest in Calgary, Hold Your Ground fest in Mississauga, opening for Change in Vancouver, and Comeback Kid and Cancer Bats in Brampton. Our live experiences have helped us coalesce creatively and personally, and I’m excited to keep writing music with these guys.

Look for Cohezion on the road this week in support of the new record with Montreal's Prowl.