Down Goes Goodman release Prestissimo

Published by Dan SW


SoCal punk rock band Down Goes Goodman have released their debut album Prestissimo. The band features artist Silvio Capoferri of Ass Backwards Apparel on drums, and mixes juvenile humor with the classic California sound of punk bands like Ten Foot Pole and Guttermouth. Listen to the new record below.

From the band:

“Prestissimo” is the debut album of Illinois-turned-SoCal punk rock band Down Goes Goodman, released independently through Oxford Records.

Oxford Records prides itself on distributing a fresh fix to ‘90s punk rock enthusiasts. And their latest release, “Prestissimo” rings true to its energetic skate punk roots — juvenile humor and all — with songs like “Becky’s New Beave.”

The album is sprinkled with catchy, more modern pop-punk jams such as “Chad” and “Little Saigon”, which were both released prior as singles. The album contains some real talk of heartbreak, religion, moving forward, and just about everything else with songs like “Flames to Ash”, “How We Define”, “Losing Time”, “Debts to Pay”, and “Educate This!” These songs will satisfy any thirst for early Blink/Pennywise/Lagwagon-esque fast melodic harmonies and HIGH VOLTAGE ROCK AND ROLL BROTHER!

Down Goes Goodman was formed in Chicago suburbs by a couple tennis playing punkers, Brad Cullian and Connor Johnson. Their passion for ‘90s punk and vinyl collecting led to them to birthing their brain child, Oxford Records. This led to their relocating to the unofficial Graceland of 90s punk, Orange County, CA. It was there that they finalized their lineup with California native and NASTY guitarist Matt Markofski, and New Jersey native hardcore drummer Silvio Capoferri (who also acts as the label’s resident graphic artist).

Pop punk, hardcore, emo and all genres in between have evolved into what they are today. That’s cool and all, but even with all great bands, albums, and labels out now, Oxford Records is here to keep bringing you that new old stock of high-energy punk rock, if that’s what you’re in to.

If’re lame.

Prestissimo is available now to download through Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Prime, and other digital platforms. A limited edition colored vinyl is available through the Goodman Records online store.