Field of Flames: Remnants of a Collapsed Existence

Published by Dan SW


'Remnants of a Collapsed Existence' is the latest EP from San Jose, CA Straight Edge band Field of Flames. The band features members of Sunami and Extinguish. Listen to the new EP below.

From the band:

Special thanks to: Matt @ Words of Fire Fanzine for putting out this release. All our friends who supported us and the mothafuckin MV. WE MOVE. Malachi for booking our first show @ Subrosa Art Space. Cole Kakimoto at Printhead.

All the great bands from the scene we are proud to be apart of — Hands of God, Extinguish, No Right, Lead Dream, Drain, Infirmary, Scowl, Gulch, Spy, Big Boy, Spinebreaker, Ripped to Shreds, Sunami, Doomsday, Gulch, Reapers Row, Eightfold Path, Foghorn, World Peace, Fentanyl, You Lose, Earth Down, Jawstruck, Natural Selection, The Can’t Hardlys, Outta Pocket, and any other band that we forgot to mention that is apart of the San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Bay Area hardcore scene.

'Remants of a Collapsed Existence' was recorded, mixed and mastered by Charles Toshio at Panda Studios in August 2020, with additional vocal tracking by Marc Estabillo @ Da Stu in Oakland, CA. Cover art and layout by Ian Bouchard. Guest vocals by Sammy from DRAIN, Adrian Valencia, and Ian from Extinguish.