JXV release Ritual

Published by Dan SW


San Diego horror-edge band JXV (formerly JASONxVOORHEES) describe themselves as "Hardcore kids who love Halloween and horror movies." The band's second record, Ritual, delivers a brutality and heaviness absent from their 2016 debut Horror Edge that may truly terrify. After adding second guitar player Yako Droback, the band has also expanded their lyrical themes beyond purely horror edge. The new record features guest appearances by xvDEDvx and SE Frank. Listen to the new record below.

From the press release:

Continuing in the footsteps of their previous album, Horror Edge, JXV has combined elements of doom metal, horror punk and hardcore while balancing both a “tongue-in-cheek” and serious tone lyrically. 

While the majority of songs on their last album were about horror movies, songs on Ritual address concepts such as racism, police brutality, suicide, substance abuse.

We spoke to drummer Rikk Cavin about the record:

Writing and recording Ritual has been one of the most difficult yet cathartic things this band has accomplished. We are very proud of what we are releasing and hope every one who listens to it enjoys it.

Ritual is available to download or stream through the JXV Bandcamp page. The record was produced by Chris Hopkins at Earthbound Recordings. Mastering is by James Cross at Pinnacle Pro Sound. Photography is by Say10 Media. Art is by RobertMakes.