Proletariat Youth: Chin Check - AUDIO

Today we are featuring the second record from Southern California Straight Edge band Proletariat Youth. Listen to the record below.

From the band:

This E.P. is dedicated to those of you that still care, to those of you that care about our planet and what we're doing to it, to those of you that stood true to your beliefs and morals and understood that straight edge/hardcore is not just a passing trend, to those of you that have been knocked down and got up stronger and kept fighting, to those of you that have been criticized for your race, gender, and/or sexual preference...or for who you are. Lastly, this is dedicated to those that inspired us, our families, our friends, each other, the musicians, the artists, and the revolutionaries.This goes out to everyone.

Chin Check was recorded, mixed, and mastered at 993K Studios in Pomona, CA by Fabian Rubio. The record is available now to download or stream through the xPro Youthx Bandcamp page.