Locked Inside release debut Your Thoughts. Your Own. - Audio

Published by Dan SW


New York City Straight Edge band Locked Inside have released their debut. The current line-up features Ed Mckirdy of Search, Hands Tied, and Mouthpiece, Vinny Panza of Youth of Today and Bold, Hugo Fitzgerald of On the Rise, Carlos Gutierrez of Return, and Gerardo Villalobos of Nueva Ètica. Listen to Your Thoughts. Your Own. below. 

From the band:

Locked Inside is made up of veterans of the NY, NJ, Long Island, Colombia, and Argentina hardcore scenes, all finding themselves residents of the NY Metro area with a common interest in bringing back the music and the message that once emanated from their common home. With a musical background running the gamut from traditional Straight Edge Hardcore to even more metal-influenced hardcore..., they bring a seasoned approach and precise musicianship to the table; offering a clear-minded take on heavy-but-traditional hardcore, with a searing recording produced by close friend Javi Casas, guitarist of Argentinian Vegan Straight Edge powerhouse Nueva Etica.

While the members all contribute to the music and have found a great balance in playing fast, traditional hardcore with a heavier attack and extreme precision, singer Ed McKirdy has a distinct mission: rising above what divides us and seeking out what brings us together, at the same time keeping the content unabashedly Straight Edge. Leaving no room to wander off track lyrically, he hits the subject of temperance again and again as a means of personal progress and escape from the insanity of the modern world.

Your Thoughts. Your Own. was recorded and produced by Javi Casas. Drums by Javi Casas. Your Thoughts. Your Own. is available now to download or stream through the Locked Inside Bandcamp page.