No Cure: The Commitment to Permanence

Published by Dan SW


I don't know how this one slipped by considering how much we were jamming it in the car this November. After wrapping up a what could only be described as a ridiculous run of shows with The Acacia Strain this August, Straight Edge superheroes and heavy metal up-and-comers No Core have closed out 2023 with the release of some of that hot, hot Straight Edge fire. Featuring guest vocals by Adam Easterling of Orthodox. Listen to the record below.

From the band, and also frontman Blaythe Steuer:

This is our longest and strongest offering yet. We made this in between tours and in ways its a documentation of a very transitive time in the band. Our EP Cursed From Birth took us from doing local shows and weekend runs to touring heavily all during the making of this record.

I also had to record the vocals with broken ribs because I only had the time I had to do it. I went to see Rhythm Of Fear (awesome and goated band) I caught a boot (how embarrassing for me).

Instrument engineering on the record is by Kevin Langley. Vocal Production by frontman Blaythe Steuer. Mixing and mastering is by Connor Haines. Additional vocals by Devin Swank, Trae Roberts, and Adam Easterling. Artwork by Duncan Newey. No Cure logo by guitarist Aesop Mongo.