One Step Closer: This Place You Know

Published by Dan SW


Wilkes Barre Straight edge band One Step Closer have put out their latest record. 'This Place You Know' is their first release since a promo in December 2017. Listen to the new record below.

From Pat Flynn:

What is One Step Closer?

    In 1854, Thoreau asserted that most of us lead lives of quiet desperation, shielding our common sorrows in favor of a brittle veneer of stability, a lie that shatters us all in the shadows of a self-made shade of fearing what the world may find when we finally step closer into the light.

    From Walden to Wilkes-Barre, that 19th century sense of desperation to be seen just as one truly is, carries into our 21st century, - but unquiet and in the sound of a fury that is literally One Step Closer, - closer to obliterating the shackles of our shadows, closer to the light shining on our souls - showcasing our universal and human nature to love, loathe, and long for something more.

    In 2016, and in the midst of the winding wilderness that is adolescence, the hearts and minds that world would know as One Step Closer (Ryan Savitski, Tommy Norton, Ross Thompson, Brian Talipan and Grady Allen) took to the task of telling the world of the universal truths that could be found in the dim, dank depths of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania with the same liberated love for living a full and examined life which Thoreau wrote of before the dramatic wilderness of Walden, yet to the sonics of a revived and reimagined Turning Point that left listeners with a sense of refreshing originality.

From PA to CA, One Step Closer scrawled in the halls of America’s hardcore their questions of truth, love, morality, evolution and human freedom, setting the darkness surrounding the togetherness of our species right to fire. And yet, out of five years of reaching for the relationship from the impossibly-distant, yet infinitely-close proverbial me and you comes assertions. Assertions stemming from the dullness of Wilkes-Barre, from the philosophizing of our fears, from our desperation to dare and not dream, from this place you know that sits at the core of our being and commands: no matter the sorrow or shame, we are all called to step into the light of truth, so move closer and quiet no more.

In short, One Step Closer is a source and force of seeking the freedom to be as you are and dream to be.


'This Place You Know' was recorded, mixed and mastered by Eric Chesek. 
Artwork is by Jeffrey Kam. Vinyl release is by Run For Cover Records.