Sect release Blood of the Beasts

Published by Dan SW


Vegan Straight Edge super group SECT have released a new full length. The third record from the band, entitled Blood of the Beasts, is an uncompromising continuation of the bands commitment to raw, intense Vegan Straight Edge hardcore. Listen to the record below.

From the band:

Ten reflections on the myth of progress, the new old tribalism, the single face of all subjugations, the broken promise of automation, love, loss & obsolescence set against the dying light of a better tomorrow.

From the SECT Instagram:

A lot of people overseas caught on when this went live at 12AM last night, but for the rest of us... Hi world, this is the 3rd Sect LP, Blood of the Beasts. We decided to just spring it.

The title comes from French filmmaker Georges Franju’s 1949 slaughterhouse documentary Le Sang des Bêtes. Musically, it’s our idea for this band fully realized, the best yet melding of all our backgrounds & input thrown together. [God City Music] nailed it, as always.

Thematically, a lot of unfiltered heavy-heartedness over things and people was let out on this one: Battles now largely lost, movements undermined, realities overwritten, people already or imminently lost, situations our kind was ringing the warning bells about from a long distance off, a long buildup of red flags approaching in steps, now washing over us all here & everywhere as the collective will of the people around us submits in permanent confusion & willful amnesia to a new digitized populism, which is more demoralizing than the rise or fall of any one dictator.

I’m not sure how to properly dispose of idealism when it becomes muscle memory, no longer viable but you don’t know or want to live any other way. If you figure that one out, let me know. Yeah so anyway here’s Wonderwall. Blood of The Beasts, out today & for all our shows this weekend. Go to @sectxvx / @southernlordrecords / @southernlordrecordingseurope to get it, hear it all, and see the video our friend @reidhaithcock cut together for Like Animals. Thank You.

“You best believe, I live to see dead souls released. All cages broke, All bosses choked, On the blood of the beasts.”

From Southern Lord Recordings:

Comprised of hardcore acts from across the US and Canada dating back to the early 1990s, the members of SECT are life-long committed scene veterans, including vocalist Chris Colohan (Cursed, Burning Love, Left For Dead), guitarists James Chang (Catharsis, Undying) and Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis, The Path Of Resistance), bassist Steve Hart (Day Of Suffering), and drummer Andy Hurley (Racetraitor, The Damned Things). The band coalesces their influences into a gnarled, caustic, metallic alloy of pulverizing hardcore intensity.

As with their previous album, No Cure For Death, SECT‘s Blood Of The Beasts LP was recorded at GodCity with Kurt Ballou (Converge, Nails, All Pigs Must Die) who also performed clean guitar on the song “Skies Wide Shut.” The infamous Dre Black also provides guest vocals on the song “Cirrhosis Of Youth.”

Blood of the Beasts is available now to download or stream through the SECT Bandcamp page. Vinyl copies are available through Southern Lord Recordings.