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[AUDIO] Pluum: Pluum

[AUDIO] Frustrated: Losing Grip

[AUDIO] Take Control: Promo

[AUDIO] X LAIR X: Wrath of the Immaculate

[AUDIO] Prospect: Headhunter

[AUDIO] BI$HOP: Everything In Vein

[AUDIO] Lawbringer: Flesh – Blood – Stone

[AUDIO] Sinking Ships: Disconnecting

[AUDIO] Cold Touch: Demo 2014

[AUDIO] Spirits: Discontent

[AUDIO] Anchor: Distance & Devotion

[AUDIO] Sweet Jesus: You Destroy Yourself

GhostxShip announces break-up

[AUDIO] Mind Awake: Debut EP

[AUDIO] Six of Swords: Polar Vortex

[AUDIO] Judgement Day: The Altar

[AUDIO] Forget the Hate: The Mind and the Matter

[AUDIO] Modern Pain sign to Bridge Nine: Self Deconstruction

[AUDIO] Superlion: Lake Ontario


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