xinstinctivex release debut EP 'Take Your Life Back'

Published by Dan SW


Italian Edge Metal band xinstinctivex have released their debut record, and it's a good one. The Milano Straight Edge band have recorded and released 'Take Your Life Back' after only forming in January of 2024. Featuring former members of XVX band Reprisal. Listen to the record below.

From the band:

Edge Metal is back in Europe with the Italian Straight Edge quartet Instinctive, featuring ex Reprisal bass player.

Their first EP “Take your life back” has just been released on The Coming Strife (UK) and Force Of Reckoning (USA).

If you are in Germany at Ruhrpott Revival Fest on the 11th of May you cannot miss their show alongside with other incredible bands as ARKANGEL, COPYKILL, BLACK FRIDAY 29 and many others!

'Take Your Life Back' was recorded, mixed and mastered in January/February 2024 at Spvn Studio by Stefano Santi. The release is being handled by UK label xTHE COMING STRIKEx for Europe, and North Carolina's Force of Reckoning for the American release. Photo by Luka Secchi.