xSERVITUDEx: Bringing Your Hell - AUDIO

Published by Dan SW


Glasgow Vegan Straight Edge metal band X Servitude X are bringing the heat with the release of their latest record Bringing Your Hell, while also throwing down the gauntlet to other XVX bands to step their game up. Listen to the new record below, featuring vocal, guitar, and bass engineering by guitar player Ben Brodie.

From the interview with Brad Zorgdrager of Exclaim! Magazine:

We don't want to be a soft vegan straight edge band. That's not what we're interested in. We like heavy, scary music. There's not been a scary vegan straight edge band in a while. We're not interested in trying to balance a soft message and heavy music. We want it to be as extreme as possible.
The aim was a pessimistic approach to the society we live in, especially towards veganism. There is a social change happening. People are starting to act more consciously. It still sometimes feels like a constant battle and a negative output. We are personally doing the best we can, but there comes a point where you wonder if things will ever really change
We're just trying to make our own mark instead of looking completely to the past.

Bringing Your Hell was mixed by Andy Nelson. Mastering is by Joel Grind. Drums were engineered by Lewis Glass. The record is available now to download or stream through the X Servitude X Bandcamp page.