Chad Gilbert electrocuted onstage in California

Published by Dan SW


Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory

Singer-songwriter Chad Gilbert, guitar player for New Found Glory, some-time frontman for Shai Hulud, and Captain Straightedge from the International Superheroes of Hardcore, has reportedly been electrocuted. The incident happened last night during the recording of a New Found Glory live album at Anaheim venue Chain Reaction.

Gilbert has released a statement following his recovery regarding the incident:

While recording the NFG live album at the chain reaction last night I was shocked by the microphone. In between songs I grabbed the mic to speak and when I did it felt like I couldn’t let go. I was being shocked and it froze me in place and when I was able to release my hands off of the mic I collapsed.

When I came to I had friends standing over me and it felt like I was asleep in one of those Sci Fi movies when they wake up after traveling for 3 years to fight an alien. My friends escorted me off the stage. I told the band to finish the set for the sake of the audio recording. At that point I still was in a daze.

The ambulance came and picked me up and drove me to the nearest Emergency Room. After getting numerous tests off and on for about 12 hours from the friendly people at UC Irvine I was released. They checked my heart for most of that time to make sure the electrical current didn’t make my heart beat irregularly. Everything came back positive.

I am gonna play the show tonight but this time with a wireless to settle my paranoia of this happening again because man it hurt and sucked.

Thanks to all my friends and fans around the globe for the sweet messages!