Year of the Knife drop X Servitude X from UK/EU tour following racism/homophobia accusations

Published by Dan SW


Delaware Straight Edge band Year of the Knife have announced that UK vegan Straight Edge band X Servitude X has been dropped from the band's tour of Europe and the UK next month follow accusations of racism and homophobia against X Servitude X vocalist James Fisher. The tour had been set to run from May 17th through June 1st.

 From the band:

X Servitude X has begun facing a backlash after screenshots of vocalist James Fisher's conversations in the FK5 group chat were posted to a United Kingdom Hardcore (UKHC) Facebook group, and then circulated on Twitter. Further screenshots showed other members of the FK5 group chat using racially insensitive and homophobic slurs.


James Fisher with X Servitude X

In response, X Servitude X guitar player Ben Brodie has put out a statement distancing himself from Fisher's comments, addressing accusations that X Servitude X has been protecting Fisher, and intimating that the band may be done. The band's Facebook page has already been taken down: