Tyler Short of Inclination holding fundraiser for knee surgery

Published by Dan SW


Tyler Short, frontman for Midwest Straight Edge band Inclination, has torn his ACL. After years of issues, his knee finally gave out at Life and Death Brigade Fest early in February. A fundraiser has been started in order to assist Tyler with the surgery.

From Inclination bassist Peter Karrer:

Tyler Short is without a doubt one of the most positive and caring people I've ever met in my life. He is a loyal friend and always considers the well being and happiness of others before his own.

Anyone who knows Tyler knows about his bum knees and at LDB this year it finally caught up to him. Tyler is currently awaiting surgery to repair a torn ACL and possibly more. We know that this will require quite a bit of recovery time but hopefully will leave us with a functioning Tyler at the end. 

If you have toured the Midwest, it is hard to believe you haven't met Tyler. He lives for hardcore and punk and gives so much of himself to it. I am hoping you'll consider giving some back. 

We are asking for enough to cover Tyler's deductible and help with lost wages, physical therapy, etc.  If you cannot help yourself, please share this post however you can. 

Tyler isn’t good at asking for or accepting help, but I can’t think of a more deserving and appreciative person.

To donate to Tyler's surgery, visit the GoFundMe page.