Foundation ‘putting band to rest’

Published by Dan SW

Atlanta straight edge band Foundation photographed by Elena Desoto

Atlanta straight edge band Foundation photographed by Elena Desoto

Atlanta straight edge band Foundation have announced their farewell, which is set to include a set of US dates, some festival appearances, and a new record. The band was formed in 2004 in Atlanta, and over the last last 11 years released music through Chris Wrenn‘s Bridge Nine Records and Six Feet Under Records.

From the band:

Every rope has it’s beginning…

In 2006 When Foundation started we wanted nothing more than to play Hardcore music. We were angry young men with chips on our shoulders and fire in our bellies. We wanted to work through those frustrations using nickel spun strings and plywood stages, and we were eager to leave the confines of Georgia and show everyone what was going on in Atlanta—fortunately we were given that opportunity almost from day one. So for nearly 10 years we climbed into vans, on to hardwood floors, and cut our throats on stage to bleed out before you to make the most of that gift. We’ve stood in the Siberian Desert, the base of Mount Fuji, in front of the Berlin Wall, and on the dirt of Las Cruces New Mexico. We were afforded all of those experiences because of the hardcore community, and for that, we thank you. We would have never gotten this far without everyone who offered us a kind word, a place to stay, booked us a show, cooked us a meal, put their own well being in danger during a set, told us how much the noise we make means to them, or just made us laugh when we were hitting some lows.

I often think it would be easier for us to put this to rest if there were some animosity amongst us or a catalyst to force the book shut, but there isn’t. This band is comprised of five friends who love playing together, who still share the same ideals, and who still love hardcore as much as they did when they were fourteen. We are five separate lives that are put on hold to follow this idea through—and it’s getting tougher to press pause on those lives without compromising a piece of what makes this band. If it’s one thing I can say for every member of Foundation, it is that we don’t do things half-heartedly. We are either all in, or not at all. This is what brought us together, and is what brings us to now—the end of our rope.

In the coming year we will be putting the band to rest, but not until we finish recording and releasing the last few songs we have. We will also be playing a handful of shows we have lined up through the remainder of the year including Rain Fest, This Is Hardcore, and the Wrecking Ball this summer. We also intended to find our way out to the West and NorthEast at some point as well during the year, followed by our final show in Atlanta…We’ve already seen some of the outpouring of sentiments from people, and it means everything to us. It gives validation to the years of blood, sweat, and tears we put into this and drives us to make the last days memorable, and as upsetting as it may be to those close to us or those daring few whom have chosen to bare our words on their flesh, let me close by asking this: How can Foundation die when Hardcore is forever?

-Thomas // Foundation // x x x